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🌱 Our natural facial serum contains a blend of marula and apricot oils that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger, more radiant skin.

🍊 Marula oil contains natural sources of vitamins C and E as well as a range of essential amino acids that revitalise and renew skin cells.

✨ The combination of oils keep the skin hydrated for longer giving the skin a healthy radiant glow. 


✅ Anti Ageing: Super hydrating and packed with antioxidant ingredients for a healthy radiant glowing complexion.

✅ Powerful & Nourishing Ingredients: A blend of Marula and Apricot oils gives a luxuriously silky texture. Marula oil has naturally occurring vitamins C & E plus essential amino acids to revitalise and renew your skin. 

✅ For All Skin Types: The combination of oils in our Marula Oil Facial Serum keeps the skin hydrated, soft and supple and reduces the signs of ageing. 

✅ Vegan, Natural and Organic Ingredients. Made in the UK: All products are free from the most common allergens and contain no harsh chemicals,cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free.

✅ Gender Neutral: Our products with a light natural fragrance are suitable for men and women.



Good Hyrdation! 

I bought this oil after being recommended by a friend, I wasn't disappointed. I had been using plain almond oils as I use only natural products on my skin but I was beginning to find the almond oil was too heavy, even at night. This is lighter but just as effective at nourishing my skin and trapping in the moisture. The smell is great too, it's become an easy night time ritual that I do before bed. With the dropper its easy to dispense, not like many of the almond oil bottles I have used anyway and it's good value for money. Looks like this size bottle will last a number of months. Great product.

Fabulous Marula Oil Facial Serum 50ML ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

100 Milliliters
  • Wipe face lightly with a warm cloth. Gently dab serum onto cleansed skin and blend in until fully absorbed. Gently tap skin with the finger tips to encourage oil to penetrate to the deepest layers.

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